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Female Models – Sam Silver

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Female Models – Sam Silver

Sam Silver

19 years old
Ames, Iowa

My name is Sam Silver. I am 19 years old and am currently going to college to double major in fashion design and performing arts with a minor in dance.

I have been modeling and acting a few years now and would love the opportunity to expand my portfolio. I am also considering transferring to a college in Los Angeles so I would be able to work there eventually.

I started dance lessons at the age of four and have stuck to it ever since. I would jump at the chance to do some dance-related work. Whether it’s a dance routine, video, or just some dance-inspired photos.

Special Skills:
Dance: Ballet, Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, Modern, Theatre, Drill Team, and Hip-hop

Sports: Basketball, Volleyball, Track & Field, Softball, Soccer, Bowling, & Cheerleading

Other Skills: Advanced Piano, English & Western Horseback Riding & Jumping, Motorcycle License, Fashion Design Student, Good With Children, Born & Raised Farm Girl, Skin Tans Easily, & Loves To Socialize

Female Models – Baby Inc






Female Models – Baby Inc

Baby Inc

20 years old
Los Angeles, California

Thanks for checking out my profile. As for me, I am a singer/songwriter and was a finalist on the TV show “The Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious” on the CW Network finishing in the TOP 7 (4 were selected) out of thousands who auditioned in 11 different cities !! I’m currently working on my album in the studio working with amazing producers but I also LOVE to model and am beginning to build my portfolio.

Since I am a singer looking to get signed so (at this point) I DON’T DO NUDES and as I respect your work – I will not change my mind so please do not ask.

Check out my photos and FOR NOW I would prefer paying gigs but I’m open to do TF* so if your awesome let me know if your avail and if you have MUA although I can do my own as well I prefer seeing others styles in my photos.

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Aldona Szultka Want To Become Model – Female Model

Aldona Szultka Want To Become Model – Female Model

Name : Aldona Szultka
Email : fisherska@hotmail.com
Phone : 0730693405
Age : 28
Sex : Female
Country : Sweden
State : Kristianstad
Web Site http://www.myspace.com/donaginger

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