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Loginee Kularaja – Want To Become A Female Model

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Loginee Kularaja – Want To Become A Female Model

Name:  loginee kularaja

Email:  lvj_8899@hotmail.com

Phone:  0102794619

Age:  21

Sex:  Female

Country:  Malaysia

State:  selangor

Web Site http:  //www.facebook.com/?ref=home

Pakistani Model – Annie ALi Khan

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Pakistani Model – Annie ALi Khan

Annie Ali Khan, born in 1984, is a Pakistani model.


Khan joined the fashion industry by submitting her portfolio to the famous fashion photographer Tapu Javeri. After a contract with Lipton Teas, Annie was the face that every one remembered just after the first commercial. Starting from a lipton commercial, Annie went to modelling for top desigeners and famous brand names. Annie’s initial success was boosted when she landed on the cover Brides and You magazine. A full length photoshoot and a two page interview in this very famous magazine gave people a chance to know Annie and she achieved celebrity status.


Khan has modelled for many famous designer which include Deepak Parwani, Nadya Mistri, Rizwan Jewlers, Nayna, and Rizwan Beyg. Also, Annie has modelled for famous brand names such as Labels, Cross Roads, Khaadi, and Hang ten. Annie Luck really shined when she got the contract fo Gul Ahmed fabrics, she was in every shoot of Gul Ahmed and her Bill Boards were all over the fashion conscious city of Karachi.


Khan recently achieved even more stardom when she acted in the famous singer, Shehzad Roy’s video Sali (sister-in-law) The video made every one in Pakistan sit up and notice Annie in a way they had never done so before. She won the Indus best newcomer of the year award, She won the Indus Style award for best female Model, and she received the MTV award for best female model in a music video.



Pakistani Model – Alina Khan

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Pakistani Model – Alina Khan

Alina Khan, born in 1982, is a Pakistani model.


Khan Submitted her Portfolio to the famous Fashion Photographer and Stylist Deevees who then recommended her to the the famous designer Nayna. Alina was an instant hit. She was named the best new face of the year by Libas Magazine. After that, Alina had entered the professional world of fashion modelling. Alina recived a contract for Ponds beauty products and Fair and Lovely. That was just the beginning of Alina’s Success.

Khan did her first fashion show with Deepak Perwani in London which led to greater opportunities when Alina did a spread for Coach in Vogue Magazine. Alina’s second fashion show was with the famous designer Rizwan Beyg, Ater which Alina had caught enough public attention to be amongst the top ten new models list of SHE magazine. Alina’s success as a new and emerging model increased even further when she recieved a a contact from Gul Ahmed and she was in evr Gul Ahmed spread in Every Known Magazine of Pakistan for the entire year of 2003.


Khan is considered one of Pakistan’s best new emerging Models. She was nominated as the best new face in the IM Style awards and MTV Style awards. Alina is appreciated by her peers as well as her employers for her commitment, positive attitude and the ability to just throw herself in to doing anything put before her.