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Actor The Very Best of Gina Wild – Michaela Schaffrath

Actor The Very Best of Gina Wild – Michaela Schaffrath

Michaela Schaffrath, born on December 6, 1970, in Eschweiler, West Germany as Michaela Jänke, became famous in Germany as a pornographic actress under the stage name Gina Wild.

Schaffrath was born as a daughter of a mason and a housewife in Eschweiler, Germany. After school she worked as a nurse for disabled children for 10 years. On October 7, 1994, she married Axel Schaffrath. In 1999, noted Euro-porn director Harry S.

Morgan spotted an amateur porn movie with Schaffrath and her husband. Morgan hired Schaffrath as a professional porn actress and produced eight movies with Schaffrath in the star role under the name Gina Wild.In 2000 Schaffrath decided to stop producing porn movies, trying to become a mainstream actress. Since then, she has had minor roles in several German movies. In 2003 she confirmed she was working in a Frankfurt brothel after a customer recognized her. She said, “I need the satisfaction the way some other people need food, I’m addicted to sex.”

On August 3, 2007, Schaffrath appreared as a hostess at the Open Air Concert of Sasha Krebs and Rainer Kraft in Sandhausen Germany. The audience approximated 2000 to 3000 people.

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Female Model – Claudia Ciesla

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Female Model – Claudia Ciesla

Claudia Ciesla, born on February 12, 1987, in Poland, is a model.


Ciesla grew up in the little town of Bukow, Poland, 5 miles from the Czech border in an area called Silesia with a minority German population. Her father is Polish and her mother is German.

Ciesla started modeling at the age of 15 working for shows involved in fashion and dancing. At the age of 17 she moved to Germany and became an Internet glamour model. Her original stage name is “CClaudia”, but she also appears frequently under her real name.


Ciesla then appeared in print in the German Matador magazine. She was discovered by the former German Playboy Chief Editor, Stefan Gessulat, and appeared in the August 2005 Matador issue as Miss Matador. This was her first time posing for a topless shoot.

After this, Ciesla refused to do nude or topless modeling, except one shoot for newspaper Bild. She has also done many glamorous bikini style modeling shoots and her photos have been published on many Internet websites. Much discussion has taken place over the internet to the nature of her breasts. The German newspaper Bild became interested and arranged for CClaudia to see Dr. Bruckner at his Beauty Surgery Clinique in Nuremberg, and CClaudia was examined by Dr. Bruckner personally. There was a big report in Bild to state that no implants existed and that her breasts were entirely natural.


In March 2006, Ciesla won a subscribers poll on the internet websites of Auto Bild, Bild, SAT1, T-Online and Kabeleins and she obtained the most votes with a big lead over her rivals with 350,000 hits to her profile to give her first place as Germany’s Super Girl 2006.

In May 2006, Ciesla was selected by Bild as the Football/Soccer Worldcup Girl 2006, and during the World Cup 2006 she was featured on the front page of a total of seven publications of that newspaper. Currently, she is appearing on the German Internet soap opera Beach Baby Constance, playing the part of Daisy Vandenburg.



Germany’s Next Topmodel – Barbara Meier

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Germany’s Next Topmodel – Barbara Meier

Barbara Meier, born on July 25, 1986, in Amberg, Germany, is the winner of the second cycle of Germany’s Next Topmodel, a successful German televised modelling contest presented by Heidi Klum. The series was aired from March to May 2007 by the commercial TV channel ProSieben.


Meier didn’t originally aspire a career in modeling. Instead, after graduating from school, she enrolled at the Fachhochschule Regensburg in order to study mathematics.

While shopping at a local mall, she was invited by a model scout to a casting for GNTM. Out of 16,421 participants in the national casting, she was chosen among the 15 candidates to appear on the TV show. In the course of the show, she had to face a series of challenges in order to outrival her contestants. Even before the end of the show, one of these minor competitions had her win a leading role alongside Heidi Klum in a nationwide TV commercial for McDonald’s.


In the last episode, Meier outpaced the other two finalists, brunette Hana and blonde Anni, and was declared winner of the title “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. The prize included a contract with the modelling agency IMG Models, an appearance on the cover of the German edition of Cosmopolitan in August 2007 and a contract as the face of the next advertising campaign for the clothing company C&A.

On June 22, 2007, Meier was a guest on the popular TV show Wetten, dass..?, together with GNTM’s 2006 winner Lena Gercke.