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Korean Model and Actress – Song Hye Kyo

Korean Model and Actress – Song Hye Kyo

Song Hye Kyo, born on February 26, 1982, is a Korean model and actress.

Before getting the title of his art at Sejong University, Song began his debut by winning the Grand Prize in model search in the Smart and starring SunKyung Sunday morning drama called “Happy Morning” (KBS, 1996).

She starred in number of hit dramas including All In, Autumn Fairy Tale, and Full House. Because of the popularity he is often seen in advertising when he was not acting. He is currently a SidusHQ.

Song debut in the entertainment industry when she won the Grand Prize in SunKyung Smart, a school uniform company in 1996 when it was completed the third year in high school.

Before long, until he starred in his first drama, “Good morning.” Since then he continued to star in various dramas and situation comedies.

He will release his video album in December by the Planning StarM entertainment because she was pursuing her dream to be a queen “Hallyu” in Japanese.

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