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Tanya Robinson – Model, “Zoo Weekly”

Tanya Robinson – Model, “Zoo Weekly”

Tanya Robinson, born in 1981, in Richmond, North Yorkshire, England, is an English model represented by International Model Management.

Robinson is 5′ 4″ tall, and her measurements are 32D-25-36. She has appeared on the cover of  Zoo Weekly, Ice Magazine, and several times in FHM Magazine, as being the winner of their inaugural “High Street Honeys” competition in 2002, and being named to their “100 Sexiest Women in the World” list in 2003 (38), 2004 (32), 2005 (41), 2006 (29) and 2007 (63).

Robinson sparked a debate in her hometown when she posed naked in front of a local historic pub for an FHM cover shot.

In 2003, Robinson went on to feature in a popular Lynx advert where she appeared as a pizza delivery girl in sexy pink underwear. In 2004, Robinson presented two programmes on Sky One called Gamenation and Strike every Friday night for a year.

Robinson also appeared in an episode of Celebrity Fear Factor, and had a small role in the Fench film Double Zéro.

Robinson released a single in 2004 with the Girls of FHM called “Do U Think I’m Sexy?” which reached no.7 in the charts. Robinson then released another single in 2006 with the other FHM High Street Honeys called “I Touch Myself” which reached no.1 in the box charts.

Robinson is a founding member of the pop music trio Mrs. Robinson. Backed by Darryn Lyons, the head of paparazzi photo company Big Pictures photo agency, the group was originally named Twisted Sisterz, but was forced to change their name in 2005 following a threat of legal action from the band Twisted Sister.

They released their debut single “I’m a Little Obsessed” on April 3, 2006 on the Believe music label. Their debut album is due for release on May 8, 2006. In 2005 Tanya was reported to have dated ex footballer Paul Gasgoine.

The report was complete fabrication created by Darryn Lyons, who used his own photographers to catch the two together in photographs all to publicize his band. Robinson and her band Mrs. Robinson were featured on the BBC docusoap Paparazzi, which follows the work of the Big Pictures photo agency.

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American Model – Bonnie Jill Laflin

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American Model – Bonnie Jill Laflin

Bonnie-Jill Laflin, born on March 15, 1976, is an American model, actress, TV personality and member of the Los Angeles Lakers front office.


Laflin, who currently can be seen hosting ESPN2’s “SpeedWorld” and as a cast member of Spike TV’s “Hotlines”, is one of the most successful and sexiest professional cheerleaders the entire world of sports has ever produced…So much so, that she is probably one of the very few people to be presented with a Super Bowl ring (San Francisco 49ers 1994-95) and three NBA Championship rings (L.A. Lakers 1999-00, 2000-01, 2001-02) for her extensive work assisting the general manager and the scouts during the NBA draft. Recently voted as one of FHM Magazine’s “Most Eligible,” the athletic beauty is combining the two loves in her life…fashion and sports.

Bonnie-Jill is the founder and CEO of the hottest new clothing line to be sweeping the NBA, Double Play Sportswear, and is pursuing her dream as a sportscaster for Sporting News Radio and the Emmy-winning KCAL-TV (CBS’s sister station in Los Angeles) as a correspondent. And look for Bonnie-Jill hosting the DVD content on the Midway Games release, “NBA Ballers”.


Laflin’s big break came just before her 18th birthday, when she was selected to the Golden State Warriors’ cheerleading squad – being named in her first year by the NBA as Cheerleader of the Year. A year later, Bonnie-Jill was accepted to the San Francisco 49ers Goldrush Cheerleading squad, earning that season her most prized possession, a Super Bowl ring. For the 1996-97 football season, Bonnie-Jill was one of 1,300 girls vying for one of only 13 available spots on “America’s Sweethearts”, otherwise known as the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading team – an intense two-week competition and tryouts – eventually becoming a member of the renowned squad. Becoming a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader has helped the beauty get modeling jobs for swimsuit calendars that eventually got her noticed by casting agents and producers.

Laflin landed a recurring role on Baywatch after the show’s casting director spotted her layouts in a calendar. However, Laflin is familiar to most television viewers who may not be sports fans from her memorable four episode guest appearances on Ally McBeal, playing “Billy’s” dream girl. Bonnie-Jill had also made guest appearances on Nash Bridges and The Jaime Foxx Show.


A trained dancer, Laflin had been featured in music videos for artists such as Lou Bega (“Mambo Mambo” & “Tricky Tricky”), Creed (“What If”) and Little Texas (“God Bless Texas”). Frederick’s of Hollywood knew they had struck gold when Bonnie-Jill Laflin walked through their door and they have been using her as one of their own sexy sirens ever since. The pretty face and heavenly body of this former Miss Dallas-Fort Worth have also launched Bonnie-Jill into the advertising world – having been featured in Nike, Wrangler, Fritos, Carl’s Jr., Coors, Miller Genuine Draft and Budweiser ads. The beauty, whose feature in Stuff Magazine is out on newsstands in August, has also been featured in FHM, STUN!, OYE, Fitness Rx, Player, Razor and Controversy magazines.

In her spare time, which does not amount to much these days, Laflin prefers horseback riding, boxing, rollerblading, and running. The aspiring sportscaster also follows the NFL, NBA and MLB daily stats as well as her racehorses (Lil’ Miss Hollywood and Dancin’ Deputy) – about the only remnants left from her tomboy days.



British Glamour Model and Television Personality – Bianca Gascoigne

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British Glamour Model and Television Personality – Bianca Gascoigne

Bianca Gascoigne, born on 1987, is a British Glamour model and Television personality.


Bianca Gascoigne is best known as the step-daughter of footballer Paul Gascoigne. She is the daughter of his ex-wife Sheryl, and has one brother and one half-brother. Gasgoigne first came to public attention when she talked about her experiences growing up in a house where her step-father Gascoigne was abusing her mother. These newspaper stories led to her and Gazza (Gascoigne’s nickname) becoming estranged from each other to the point where he no longer acknowledges her as his daughter.

Most recently, Gasgoigne has won ITV’s reality TV show, Love Island, which is set in Fiji. She admitted on the show that she had had a breast enlargement in February 2006. While appearing on the show, during a night of heavy drinking Bianca took part in karaoke performing a poor rendition of karaoke classic I Will Survive. The morning after Bianca revealed she regretted this, believing she had hurt her chances of pursuing a credible singing career after the show.


In September 2006, Gasgoigne appeared on the front cover of Loaded magazine and in January 2007, the cover of Nuts magazine. She has also been featured in Maxim, FHM, Zoo Weekly and numerous Tabloid newspapers.