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Discovering Anne Curtis!

Discovering Anne Curtis!

Since there are so many pretty and sexy Filipinas, I have always been ambivalent towards actresses who are just pretty.  Anne Curtis falls into that category, and although she has been in the local showbiz scene for sometime now, ‘Who’s That Girl’ is actually the first movie that I’ve seen her in!  (Or the first movie where I noticed her because she was the lead.)

And I’m happy to report back that she can do comedy – and she can act!  No wonder she won that Best Actress trophy a few years back.  I guess the directors trust that her pretty face won’t distract the audience from her doing real drama.  Of course, this movie does not need dramatic acting but I’ve always thought that making people laugh is ten times more difficult than making them cry.  Especially if you’re pretty!

She’s actually a revelation and I’m surprised why she isn’t doing more movies with other leading men.  Actually, this movie was already on its fourth week when I watched it. I just watched it because my brother told me it was funny.

Well, I am looking forward to her next projects. I have become an Anne Curtis fan, maybe three years too late!  Now I understand what the buzz and the attraction is all about – and I think she has still more to offer everyone!



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