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Host El BarTV 2 – Pamela David

Host El BarTV 2 – Pamela David

Pamela David was born on October 6, 1978, in Córdoba, Argentina and she move to Santiago del Estero when she was a child.

David entered many beauty contests while in Santiago del Estero and won the regional contest for the ‘Tourism Queen’ contest, later winning the national title be crowned ‘National Queen of Tourism in Argentina’.David moved from her town of birth to Buenos Aires in 1998 to study Enterprise Management.

Uninterested by her university studies David dropped out of university, so that she could focus on a modeling career. After university David was signed to the Ricardo Piñeiro Modeling Agency, and received steady assignments.

David shot to fame in the second serious of the reality TV show Ricardo Piñeiro Modeling Agency’ (The Tavern) in 2001. This exposure brought her to the attention of the Argentinean Playboy magazine and they made her a cover model. David also appeared on the cover of the famous Spanish magazine Interviú.

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Argentinian Actress and Musician – Luisana Lopilato

Argentinian Actress and Musician – Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Loreley Lopilato, born May 18, 1987 in Buenos Aires, is a well known Argentinian actress and musician.

Lopilato is multi-talented but she is most recognized for her acting career. She made her television acting debut at the age of twelve, in 1999.

She was chosen to play Luisana Maza in “Tiny Angels”, the longest running telenovela in Argentina.

By the time that Lopilato joined “Tiny Angels”, the soap opera had been on for four years already, breaking a record for a soap opera as far as duration.

“Tiny Angels” had also become an international hit, which in turn gave Lopilato a chance at becoming known in most of the rest of Latin America as well as in Europe, Asia and some English speaking countries, where “Tiny Angels” was shown dubbed.

In 2001, “Tiny Angels” name changed to “Chiquititas, El Libro de la Vida” (“Chiquititas, The Book of Life”), and Lopilato continued participating in the soap opera.

A “Chiquititas” film (“Rincon de Luz” or “Corner Light”) followed, allowing Lopilato to debut on the large screen.

2002 proved to be an important year for Lopilato: She continued her acting career as Mia Colucci in “Rebelde Way”, and she began her career as a musician, in a group named Erreway.

“Erreway” launched a CD that earned Lopilato a golden album award in Argentina.

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