Canadian model – Yasmeen Ghauri

Canadian model – Yasmeen Ghauri

Yasmeen Ghauri is a Canadian model.

Early life

Ghauri was born in Montreal, Quebec, the father of Pakistan, Moin Ghauri, an Imam for the Islamic Community of Quebec, and German mother, Linda Ghauri.

Early on in his life, Ghauri had a difficult childhood and tortured by my friends at school classmates.

This led him to separate from the children in the age group and he joined with his older children in their own home instead.

Ghauri reported working at a McDonald’s restaurant at age 17 when she was discovered by Montreal penata hair salon owner Joseph Del Tortoon.

In restaurants, he often appears wearing black from head to foot, and those who describes himself as a rebellious nature. However, it was named Employee of the Moon.

Immediately after the discovery, there is friction fashion mentality in the industry, moving from most all-American model to a more “ethnic” model, a trend that according to Ghauri tea-colored skin, brown hair and brown eyes.

His father did not agree with his new found interest and career as a model. He managed to divorce in 1980 and Ghauri live with him until moving to New York City, where he pointed to Versace in 1990.

Here he saw the police mode “, critical, and the same label.

He was praised for his attitude and walk over the New York Times landasan.The collect run as a “ball-bantalan spin hip” look at the bridge required a part of what is now called by the invasion “of Canada”

Ghauri be the face of Hermes and Lanvin in 1993 by Gilles Bensimon difoto to Elle. Proceeds appearance followed in May 1994, when he did feature for Playboy.

He appeared in the 1995 documentary film by Isaac Mizrahi ritsleting open. He is running the annual Victoria’s Secret 1996 Fashion Show.

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