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American boxer – Laila Ali

American boxer – Laila Ali

Laila Ali (born December 30, 1977 in Miami Beach, Florida) is a former professional boxer. She is the daughter of boxing legend Muhammad Ali and a third wife Veronica Porsche Ali.

He is the second and most famous of the nine children born to Muhammad Ali.

Ali has a title in business from Santa Monica College and previously a store Halloween mask bubble and in California before becoming a boxer. He is 5 ’10 “(1.78 m), with a reach of 70.4” and weight about 160 lbs (72.5 kg).

Boxing Career

In the first battle, on December 8, 1999, Ali knocked out April Fowler in the first lap.

He blurred the eight victories in a row and many boxing fans started talking about the desire to see the plaza in a boxing ring with George Foreman daughter, Freeda Foreman, or Joe Frazier’s daughter, Jackie Frazier-Lyde.

On the night of June 8, 2001, Ali and Frazier finally met.

Battle called Ali / Frazier IV in allusion to their father’s famous fight trilogy. Ali won by decision of the majority judges’ in eight rounds.

But at the same time, for the first time in his career boxing Laila Ali, he suffered serious wounds in the right eyelid and nose bleed, something that other women boxer Laila Ali has done to this day.

Laila left a permanent scar as a reminder that hard against him by Mahfood.

At the date of August 23, 2003, Ali fight Christy Martin. She beat Martin by KO in round four.

On July 17, 2004, he held the title of his world, demolishing Nikki Eplion in four rounds. Ali dropped Eplion four times before the fight was stopped.

July 30, 2004, it stopped Monica Nunez in nine rounds in his father’s hometown Louisville.

This battle is part of the undercard to a fight in which Mike Tyson surprisingly eliminated by the challenger Danny Williams.

On 24 September 2004, he added IWBF Light Heavyweight title to continue its beating O’Neil (who had to cancel the fight) by KO in round three, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Success invites a guest star in episodes of TV shows like George Lopez boxing.

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I Like ‘Red Riding Hood’

I Like ‘Red Riding Hood’

Well, the Red Riding Hood that is currently playing in theaters right now is the MTV version of the revered fairy tale, and although it tries to stay true to the original material, I am not surprised that they spun it into a love story with two love triangles involved in it.  This is a Hollywood movie after all, directed by someone who did the Twilight movie, so what did you expect?

Anyhow, there are parts of the movie I did not like and looked out of place (I will leave that job to professional critics who want to pick on those thing).  I am going to focus though on three things I liked in it –

1.  The gorgeous boys (Max Irons and Shiloh Fernandez)!  I didn’t know Red Riding Hood had a posse of hot guys after her!  It made watching the movie bearable!

2.  The identity of the wolf.  Well, I am pretty slow in guessing these things so I was not able to guess correctly who the wolf was.  I guess the twist in the end also made the story more interesting – considering it’s just a simple fairy tale.

3.  Amanda Seyfried – I loved her in her last movie – Letters To Juliet – I like her here!  She’s another reason why the movie was watcheable!

However, if you were expecting something bloody or gory – this is not the version you’d want to see.  Just wait till Martin Scorsese or Darren Aronofsky or Christopher Nolan makes a version of this.  It would really be a very dark story!



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Indonesian Bombshell Rahma Azhari

Indonesian Bombshell Rahma Azhari

I didn’t know that a chick as sexy as Rahma exists in Indonesia!  I’ve always known the country as a moderate Islamic country, so I’m really surprised that the likes of Rahma Azhari can survive in a predominantly Muslim country.  She is definitely hot – and her supposed links with Azkals coach Simon McMenemy has been the talk in Indonesia, especially that Rahma is game enough to give little hints through her Tweets about what is transpiring between the two.  She is definitely playing both naughty and nice – wise enough to titillate the Filipino fans of the Azkals team and her own Indonesian audience.  Well, what’s wrong with two gorgeous single people having fun in a bar?  We all do that, right?



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